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How is British industry going to be able to meet the requirements which will be placed on them as a result of the impending Brexit?

I think everyone realises that the British manufacturing industry is in a sorry state at the moment. If it were asked to deal with an increased workload as things are, then we must accept the fact that it could not be met.British Egg 1

One way to help industry would be to start a “Buy British” campaign now, regardless of what the EU says.

If we start a campaign now, we will be supporting the national manufacturing industry by enabling them to gradually increase their turnover, allowing them to prepare for the forthcoming post Brexit demands without having a last minute panic to handle the increased demand.

I see this as a way we can all show industry that they have the support and encouragement of the British public.

If it should be found that there is not such a post Brexit demand, no harm will be done, as British Industry would have received a boost anyhow. Either way, British Industry would come out the winner.


British Industry 1


Buy British 1






Maritime Museum Cafe 002
Earlier today I visited the Maritime Museum at Greenwich. When I decided to have a cup of tea, I discovered just how much a con the price of tea is in the museum’s cafe.
I looked at the price list, and the only tea listed was “Loose Leaf Tea” priced at £2.60p. This I expected, as I have always argued about the price of food and drink in controlled monopolised locations, so I decided to buy one (reluctantly).
On being served I noticed that all they gave me for my £2.60p was a cardboard cup of water with a little ‘English Tea’ teabag in it, and a minature cup with some milk.
On pointing out that this is definitely not loose leaf tea, I was informed that this was how they always serve it.

Maritime Museum Cafe 001
As the catering manager was in a meeting, I managed to talk to the supervisor, who informed me that they had stopped the loose leaf teas, but the price list had not been properly amended.
I pointed out that with ‘Loose Leaf Tea’ there is a higher level of service required than with the use of the much cheaper teabag service, and asked how much the price of a cup of tea will cost in the future. His answer to this was “The price will remain as it is, unchanged”
Thank you Maritime Museum. Next time I’ll being sandwiches and a flask!

Maritime Museum Cafe 004



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Where have all of the seats gone?

Park Bench 1

Have you noticed that in my area (Bethnal Green) for some mysterious reason there has been a mysterious disappearance of seats or benches that the elderly, pregnant and disabled, when walking along Bethnal Green Market, depend on to take a rest.

There is not one public seating place in the whole market.

And while talking of seats, where have all of the public toilets gone to? There isn’t a single WC or urinal throughout the full length of the market!

WC Labelling 2

There used to be a pay-to-use automated WC located opposite the main branch of Tesco, but even this has been removed.

Bethnal Green 3-5-15 015

The loo that was.

Does Tower Hamlets Council really believe that all of the elderly, pregnant and disabled locals can keep on the go all day without a seat to sit on, and without a loo to use.

Even Iceland have removed the two chairs they had near the exit.

Bethnal Green 3-5-15 032

Iceland, can we have our chairs back. Pretty please.

McDonald's Logo 1

I feel sorry for places like McDonald’s, as they have to provide the toilet usage for the whole of the market, although their toilets are meant for customers only.

Bethnal Green 3-5-15 030

I don’t really think much about McDonald’s, but they do provide a toilet facility, which puts them above the local council.

I’m waiting for one of McDonald’s WC’s to be bunged up from overuse. If they’re not already. You never know, one might explode covering the occupant with detritis from the last dozen users.

Dirty Loo 1

Aaaarrrrggghhh! Exploding Loo’s.

So come on Tower Hamlets Council, how about our seats?

Or have you really gone back to the Middle Ages?

End of rant.










Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Just how does the scoring system  work to calculate your entitlement to the Mobility Section of the Personal Independancy Payment benefit?

I was surprised to find that the method of awarding points was angled to ensure that those with real mobility problems could not have a real hope of obtaining this benefit at the enhanced rate.

I am looking at the enhanced level on this benefit as that is the only point whereby a disabled person can apply to obtain access to the Motability Scheme, which is where you need to be to lease a decent mobility scooter, powered wheelchair, or for those with more requirements, a converted vehicle. A lower level (6 points plus) can provide some financial help, but not provide access to the services required for real support.

Let me start by explaining the mobility scoring system for you:

  • There is a maximum uppermost point count of 24.
  • 8 Points will qualify you for the lower rate of payment.
  • You require at least 12 points to receive the enhanced level.
  • 12 Points are dependant on: “Are you able to plan a journey”
  • The remaining 12 points are openly classified as: “Your Mobility”

Therefore, you may be a tetraplegic, but if you can plan your own journey, the first 12 points are unobtainable to you.

As a result of this, there are now only 12 further points available within the system.

As there is no fixed questionaire as to how your disability affects you travelling, or how many points each problem deserves, the remaining 12 point maximum is totally at the discression of the assessor. The assessor may simply consider that being able to turn your head could easily result in the loss of 1 point, which will be enough to ensure that you are unable to achieve the enhanced level of 12!

I can now fully understand why so many people who were on the old Disability Living Allowance, and assessed fairly, were awarded a mobility scooter or adapted car, are now finding that on transferring to the new PIP they are no longer qualified for their vehicle, and end out losing that vital piece of equipment.

Why can’t the mobility section of the benefit relfect the domestic requirements, and be evenly pointed out with specific questions?

Why are a whole 12 points allocated to something minor and as mundane as planning your journey? Allowing the scoring to operate in this way is disasterous to those with major disabilities, but whose minds are still clear,  as they would be unable to obtain access to Motability services.

Most towns now operate accessable transport advice lines, step-free rail maps and so on, so surely there should be some flexibility with regards planning your trip. For a person living in a major city compared with someone living in remote regions, the facilities for route planning varies greatly, and so the point allocation should display this fact.

The very title of this benefit, the Personal Independance Payment, implies that this benefit is supposed to support those who are struggling to live an independant life.

This part of the benefit assessment is titled “Mobility” when half of the points are solely related to do with mental ability. Therefore as an Enhanced Level of PIP is a requirement to give smooth access to other services like Dial-a-Ride, and Taxi Card Schemes, the unfair scoring method could place all of these services out of reach to those in desperate need of them most.

I feel strongly that this method of assessment is totally unfair to those applying for it, and that the assessment method for it’s Mobility section requires review and alteration to ensure that those in need are still able to obtain that support.

On the Government’s own website,  the section on Eligibility for the Mobility section, all it says is:

Mobility difficulties

You may get the mobility part of PIP if you need help going out or moving around.

and nothing further. Check the link yourself.

Note From Mr Bloggy:

As many of my regular readers and friends will know, Although with my spine damaged in 3 points, plus other problems, I applied for this benefit and only received a score of 4 out of 24. I am currently awaiting for a date for my appeal court hearing. This is how I became aware of the unfairness of this benefit.

I realise that there must be tight controls over public finances, it is totally wrong that those in desperate need of help are left in a hopeless state.



Paradise Gardens E2 1

Paradise Gardens, in Bethnal Green East London, has long been a carbunkel on it’s surroundings, for example: Bethnal Green Gardens, The Museum of Childhood, and it’s direct neighbour, the Bethnal Green Mission, (Not forgetting Balls Brothers Wine store.)

I think many people have forgotten what it was that made Paradise Row so famous, over 100 years ago. Do you remember the lyrics to “Mother Kelly’s Doorstep”? They went like this:

World War(WW1) One Song: On Mother Kellys Doorstep, lyrics and PDF

Yes, it’s surprising that a song written over 100 years ago should be so poignant today.
Many may have noticed that Paradise Gardens is currently being used as an access for builders working to replenish the Mission next door. What’s happened is that Tower Hamlets Council, (with their fame for neglecting grass and parklands) came to an agreement with the Mission, in that the park can be used as a loading/unloading area solely if they agree to renovate the park once they finish.
This means that they are compelled to go into consultation with the local community, and see how they would like to see this tiny piece of parkland changed, and improved. As usual with Tower Hamlets, even I would never have heard about this consultation had not one of my neighbours point it out to me.
The shutdown date for proposals is Monday 11th September 2017, less than two weeks time.
Personally I would like to see the railings around it’s border removed, and the current footpath changed into a curved flowerbed. But that’s only me.
If you would like to forward your suggestions, all you need to do is to post the Paradise Gardens Public Consultation Questionairre into the post box in the hoarding next to Curo Construction’s site entrance on Cambridge Heath Road by the close off date of 11th September. (A long winded way of ‘stick it into the builders posthole’)
Just in case any of you have problems getting hold of a copy of this questionairre…. I will include a scanned version of it below. Sorry it’s crooked, but we are dealing with Tower Hamlets Council, after all! (Sarcasm Overload!)
It would be nice if you also gave me an idea of your suggestions, and I’ll publish them here.
Paradise Gardens Questionairre 1_20170831_0001





There is a very strong rumour going around the local area that the elderly members who make regular use of the Bentworth Court Friendship Club may be thrown out in order to expand the Somali Day Centre, which has already taken over what was the Bentworth Court Day Centre, when the local users of the centre were ejected and sent for Day Care scattered all over the borough.

Bentworth Court Friendship Club 24-8-17 003

I honestly cannot believe that even this callous council can give these local elderly and disabled residents yet another kick in the arse.

The residents of Bentworth Court and the surrounding Granby Estate have seen so much in the downgrading of Bentwotth Court itself that it makes the eyes pop.

Bentworth Court was originally a block which was dedicated as a Warden Controlled Sheltered Accommodation. First they lost the resident warden, then, without any consultation with the residents, the building was reclassified as a block for the over 50’s, and now they don’t even enforce that.


The frontage of Bentworth Court

Whilst all this was going on, the blocks’ dedicated and very well used Granby Day Centre and Granby Estate Friendship Club also undertook changes. The biggest was when the users of the Granby Day Centre, mostly disabled, were banned from using their valued day centre, and were each allocated a different, more distant, Day Centre to attend. The day centre was then handed over as a Day Centre for the Somali Community.

Now the word is getting out that these elderly and vulnerable residents are to be moved out of the last part of the social area they have remaining, where they enjoy their Bingo,  estate meetings, and social events. The Council seem to have done everything they can to ensure that no extra activities could start up in the Friendship Club, giving themselves an excuse for it’s closure.

Bentworth Court Friendship Club 24-8-17 002

A welcoming door to locals at the Friendship Club.

Could the London Borough Of Tower Hamlets please confirm or deny the rumours that this valued local community will be turfed out, and once again be forced to pass their facilities to the Somali Community.

Please don’t take me wrong. I have nothing against the Somali community in the East End of London, but I do believe that a community centre which welcomes all cultures is much more value to the community as a whole than encouraging cultures to continue being isolated, leading to further disharmony in the area.

So, can the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, i.e. Cllr Biggs, or Tower Hamlets Council let us know exactly what the situation is. I will place a contact form at the bottom of this article so that you can easily contact me with a response, which I will add to this article.

Perhaps even the Mayor Of London, Cllr Sadiq Khan himself might take an interest!