How many times have you been on the bus, hoping for a nice peaceful ride to your ultimate destimation, and it starts.

The bell which tells the driver that you would like to get off starts it’s one note musical solo.

“Stop ringing that f**king bell!”

Even as the doors are closing at the previous stop. the bell starts ringing as some impatient twat must always ring the bell before anyone else has a chance.

Now we all know that once the bell has been rung, the indicator boards around the bus show the ‘Bus Stopping’ sign. But even that isn’t enough, as within twenty seconds someone is bound to ring the blasted bell again.

And then the resident childus ignoramus has to have his go at ringing the bell. Then because he has, so must some other dickus kidus have a ring.

Then all of a sudden some wally who has had his head full of the music he has to share with everyone, (if they wanted to hear it or not, because his personal headphones aren’t working fully, because the music certainly isn’t personal to him) raises his head out of his telephone game, realises that this will be his stop, and rings that damn bell.

The bus stops, one dinging rabble debus making room for fresh one-note campanologists, and the whole routine starts again, and again, and again, for the whole journey. I really do feel sorry for the driver. It’s not surprising that some drivers have disconnected that bell!

When will TFL (Transport Favours Lug-oles) find a way to cancel out the bell after the first ring? It’s that simple!

Ding Ding!

“The bells, the bells, they deafen me!”






The Chaos one person can cause.

Sadly it is now proving that my thoughts on this were accurate.

Fanatics around the world are using the Westminster and London Bridge method of attacking innocent people, using vehicles as a battering ram, as they have found this a cheap and available way to obtain publicity for their cause, whatever that is.

The question now is: What can we do now the cat is out of the bag?

The answer: Very little. The majority of these attacks are now being carried out by unbalanced individuals who have given no sign of their fanatical leanings, and are therefore out of the ‘terrorist radar’.  Short of having a ‘thought police’, there is very little can now be done other than pray.

A van crashes into pedestrians in Barcelona

The additional problem now, as was shown in Barcelona, the fanatics have realised that they can get just as good results by using a car instead of a van. This opens out the prospective attackers to phenominal figures. Do we ban all vehicles from city centres? If we do then how will businesses get and despatch their deliveries? How will the disabled get their supplies or mobility vehicles within the ‘No Vehicles’ zones?

I am open to any logical suggestions that anyone out there has. (Polite ones only, please)



Before continuing, I would like to send my condolences to the relatives and friends of those murdered and best wishes for a rapid recovery to those injured in the attack on Westminster on Friday.

The question I am asking is: What will happen now?

I don’t mean how will the investigation go on, but what are the long term consequences of what has happened?

One of the biggest problems facing our modern way of life has been a dependance to the more traditional methods of terrorism, i.e. Bombs and Gas attacks. On Friday we saw a new angle for terrorism – the lone attacker.

We were used to having notice of bomb attacks, giving the emergency services some time to clear the threatened area. This lone attacker gives no notice of his (or her) intentions.

Friday’s attack clearly showed how one person alone can cause carnage in their wake, produce a glut of publicity for their cause, and bring a massive area to a stand-still, with no-one having any inkling of what was about to happen.

With the old type of terrorist, they would need a whole team of support, making the attack more predictable and vulnerable to discovery by the security services. The single person attacker needs no special equipment what-so-ever.

My real dread now is that as a result of the impact that this incident had, and the glut of publicity it created, there will now be a speight of copy-cat attacks carried out by a string of individuals seeking quick attention to their cause or belief, or just individuals with psychological problems looking for a ‘quick way to end it all’ with an impact.

Sadly there is very little the police or security services can do to prevent this type of attack, without declaring a police state, which none of us want.

I am really hoping that my predictions prove wrong, but somehow I doubt it.

We live in an age of rapid impact in all forms of life. Some members of the public will do anything to draw attention to their cause or belief. They will now have seen how just one person can have so much impact on the daily life and movement of the public, that it will prove irresistable to them.

My prediction is for a sad future of single person pavement attacks with vehicles, and random individual attacks on the Police and public figures.

As I have said, I hope it never happens again, but there are a lot of crazies out there. Time alone will tell.







Yes I know – another blog about the way the House of Lords is crashing it’s way to their decision, but please read a bit further.

I have been flipping channels between the Lords Brexit debate and mainstream television for what feels like a lifetime now.

I keep hearing about the wisdom and capabilities of this august chamber, but I must ask, ‘When are we going to see some of it?’

I have been flabberghasted at how so many important people could be shown to be little more than bumbling, sleepy, out-of-date, antiquated dullards as this broadcast has shown so clearly.

It has always been argued that we need the ‘second chamber’ to counter poor decisions made in the ‘Other House’ (House of Commons), but this transmission has made me seriously question that now.

This debate is droning on and on, with the same opinions, comments and ideas coming out over and over again, from different Lords and Ladies, many of whom have been partaking of the E.U. trough for many years, and do not want to lose this little ‘perk’.

The biggest thing to be exposed throughout this debate is how their Lordships seem able to contribute to it whilst fast asleep. Or are they just ‘resting their eyes’ or ‘listening with their eyes closed’? Maybe they should just bring a sleeping bag with them, and have a mass sleepover.

We are seeing bumbling Lords and Ladies saying how they must agree with the wishes of the people following the vote from the  referendum. We are also seeing how others will hold their ground, search for any little legal nook or cranny and reject or delay Brexit with all of their might even if the vote were 99% towards leaving.

We have heard how industrialists know that leaving the E.U. would be the best thing for the nation, and industrialists who know that it is the worst thing possible for the nation.

We have seen financiers who swear that it would be the worst thing to happen, but then some think it will be the best thing in the world. But then again, it’s these financiers who seem to be making the greatest profits out of the E.U. trough, many with at least two trotters firmly placed.

There seems to be a constant back-slapping between the Lords and Ladies themselves, with constant head movements to every word spoken (when they are alert enough), whether in agreement or derision.

Surely there should come a time where someone could say that the only people to speak further in this debate should be those with comments or ideas not already voiced. This would at least show some common sense, and prevent the time-wasting which so many Lords and Ladies claim to wish so clearly to avoid, but are actually causing.

All this having been said, there is a serious point to be made here. Many of those Lords and Ladies who publicly now say that they will support Brexit and the wishes of the people, have previously been shown to be firmly entrenched in the Remain camp. There is therefore a very real chance that the vote could go as the House really believes, against the motion and support the Remain camp.

Where would this leave us?

A second vote? Unlikely.

The most instant and likely response would be the unthinkable, the British People could rise up and rebel, possibly insisting for the disbandment of the expensive, un-elected, out-of-date, and un-necessary House of Lords. This is more likely, specially after this recent demonstration of mass sleeping in the House during a major debate, and in these times of financial stringency.

I personally would not like to see revolt of any kind, but if a body of doddering  self-opinionated, self-appointed dullards go against the wishes of the people, it is, sadly, a possibility.



Anyway, as the next few days pass,

we will see how things go.


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bethnal-green-3-5-15-032Iceland, Bethnal Green

Why is Iceland, Bethnal Green starting to go down the line whereby they think their customers are stupid.

I stopped buying much in Tesco’s because they were working price ‘cons’ left, right and centre under the guise of marketing, for example, increasing the price of an item and then selling it at the ‘Special Price Of ……..’ thereby hiding the price increase and making the customer believe they are getting some special deal. Sadly Iceland is now going down the same line.

The clearest example is the price of portions of Uncle Ben’s 2 minute rice. Until now they, along with other similar rice products were selling for £1 per pack. All of a sudden, all of the £1 rice packets, regardless of brand, are mysteriously removed from the shelf, and a display appears near the check-out whereby if…

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I read the following article on facebook, and felt that it needed to be read by as many people as possible.

Operation Banner was the title of the insertion of British Troops into Northern Ireland, during the ‘Northern Ireland Troubles’ which most servicemen and women were drawn into from the 1960’s until the troops were pulled out over four decades later.

The article, written by Winker Watts gives a good description of what happened, the thoughts of the soldiers themselves, and how those troops are now being betrayed by those who sent them there.

Here it is:

Op Banner
Has Op Banner been forgotten, or is it just me, It was the longest conflict, in modern History
1969 to 2007, for 38 years it caused pain and sorrow, It took many lives, they had no tomorrow
The Army were there, from the start to the end, a thankless task, the divides we could not mend
Londonderry, Armagh, Ballykinler and Belfast, we stood tall and proud, we stood steadfast
It mattered not when you went, the cause was the same, to stop death and pain, it was never a game
The training was tough, the messing about was got rid, we all learnt a lot, from that village in Llyd
The ranges all varied but each one was designed, to educate your senses and to train your mind
When the targets came up, you then had to decide, is it a terrorist or a child on a ride
No sleep, constant shootings, bombings galore, the training intense, demanding and more
Urban or Rural, we all trained to do well, the tour was looming and it could be hell
The training then over, to Northern Ireland we deployed, Family left behind, the tears they could not hide
Kiss your loved ones goodbye and take a good look, if you see them again is it judgement or just luck
You arrive in NI and it soon becomes real, you need to be calm and have nerves of steel
The first patrol is always the most daunting, if you served before, the memories will come haunting
You hard target out the gates, expecting you might be dead, it takes time to work out, it was all in your head
We didn’t understand politics or why so much hate, you just want to survive and look after your mate
We went there to serve and to prevent loss of life, the Army was resolute, throughout trouble and strife
You could never relax, your nerves were always tested, for the whole of the tour, you never truly rested
Remember the bin lids or whistles as you went, to warn the IRA the message was sent
Kids on every corner, watching everything we did, the abuse and the hatred, that was never well hid
What kind of religion, would want another man dead, for what he believed in, or what he had said
Remember the riots, the petrol bombs and the din, how quickly they started, the bombs in the bin
Saracen or snatch, helis or by van, we deployed almost daily, every Soldier and man
The bombs were all mindless, their targets were all, they killed young and old, and children so small
The IRA were just cowards, who always bided their time, they killed without justice, or reason and rhyme
Our conditions were squalid, the bases were bad, comfort and sleep, were not to be had
They tell me its over, the troubles can wait, I don’t believe them, I have seen all the hate
A lot of good Soldiers, were killed at the start, we remember them still, we are never apart
The death toll kept rising, it went into hundreds later, their sacrifices, could not have been greater
We remember our heroes, we remember our dead, they wont be forgotten, they live on in our head
Their widows and children, though in grief and pain, I hope they find comfort, they died not in vain
The Army played their part, we were the best, in every aspect, we were better than the rest
Our Forces might have shrunk, much to the Government’s shame, but they can never get rid of our glorious name
If you served with us there, you should be filled with pride, we made a real difference, stood tall and did not hide
This poem is a reminder that, although the outcome is a mystery, the Army earned their place, in Op Banner history.
We have now been betrayed, the Government sold us out, Terrorists are MP,s , our Government need a clout
Without any rhyme or reason, they hang us out to dry, they should be charged with treason, we ask them now why?
We did our jobs well, it was never a game, I hope the Government, hangs their heads in shame
Winker Watts

Image may contain: one or more people
A note from Mr Bloggy:
Thanks Winker. This poem will awaken many memories to many people still being betrayed by the Government they loyally served.




How has this avoided the headlines?

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt confirmed to Sky News that there are currently 150 avoidable deaths weekly in the NHS.

Image result for Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt free images

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt (Photo: Daily Mirror)

Just think about that figure.

Thats 7,800 deaths each year which were avoidable.

I think everybody was aware that there are problems with funding and services in our NHS, but to have 7,800 deaths annually which could have been avoided is just sickening.

How do people whose family member passed away in hospital ever know whether their loved one was a victim of these avoidable deaths or not? The fact that they know precisely how many deaths fall into this category tells us that surveys were carried out and so they know which deaths they were. Were the families of these patients informed that the death of their loved one was avoidable?

There is no excuse for these sort of figures when it comes to deaths which were avoidable. If the Health Secretary was aware of these details, then so was the Government, whom he represents as a Cabinet Minister.

This is therefore a list of questions which must be asked of the Prime Minister:

  • When was She made aware of this fact?
  • What action did She take?
  • When was the action taken?
  • When can we expect the avoidable death rate to be halted?
  • What investigations have been made?
  • What disciplinary measures have been taken?
  • Were the families of those whose deaths were avoidable been informed, and compensated?

Any recent Health Secretaries who were aware of this must have some disciplinary action taken against them. The very first role of a Health Secretary is to prevent unnecessary deaths in the NHS.

Somewhere heads must roll, as well as those 7,800 of the avoidable deaths each year!

Related image

Rest In Peace, The 7,800 Unnecessary NHS Dead Of 2016


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I wrote a critical article about the lazy attitude of Tower Hamlets Council to recycling on The Thoughts of Mr Bloggy, one of my other blog sites a few months ago.

Sadly since then the situation has got considerably worse instead of better.

I went to the Rushmead One-Stop-Shop at 9.30am as I had been told to on my last visit, only to discover that these council run One-Stop-Shops are more Dead-Stop than One-Stop. They now do not hand out recycling sacks at all.

misc - 25-5-16 039 Rushmead One-Stop-Shop

Yes – that’s right, the Council’s own One-Stop-Shops throughout the borough now will not hand out recycling sacks.

Instead of being give my sacks, I was handed a sheet of A4 paper listing the qualifying criteria required to obtain recycling sacks.

Here it is:

recycling-schedule-lbthFrom this document, you can clearly see that:

  1. You can…

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