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I wrote a critical article about the lazy attitude of Tower Hamlets Council to recycling on The Thoughts of Mr Bloggy, one of my other blog sites a few months ago.

Sadly since then the situation has got considerably worse instead of better.

I went to the Rushmead One-Stop-Shop at 9.30am as I had been told to on my last visit, only to discover that these council run One-Stop-Shops are more Dead-Stop than One-Stop. They now do not hand out recycling sacks at all.

misc - 25-5-16 039 Rushmead One-Stop-Shop

Yes – that’s right, the Council’s own One-Stop-Shops throughout the borough now will not hand out recycling sacks.

Instead of being give my sacks, I was handed a sheet of A4 paper listing the qualifying criteria required to obtain recycling sacks.

Here it is:

recycling-schedule-lbthFrom this document, you can clearly see that:

  1. You can…

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DWP To Have Access To Claimants’ Internet History

Is Big Brother really coming, or is it already here?
This article tells us that the DWP will have access to know every website you have visited.
Imagine that.
They can follow my sites as much as they like, but some sites I just go on to do research for articles would also appear on this list even though I may not support that site’s opinions and/or contents.
Therefore this strikes me as a scarey prospect.
Could they say that as I can blog, I can get a job? (answer: not necessarily. I can blog when feeling able to – physically, and at my own pace, which is not within a working hours capability)
There must be many more questions to ask.
If this action is approved, not only could it result in false results, it would have disasterous consequences for many disabled people.
People do not support a site just by visiting it.
Beware – Big Brother Is Watching You!

Mr Bloggy.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The Investigatory Powers Bill, which is about to become law with virtually no opposition from MPs, gives a huge range of agencies, including the DWP, the right to see an individual’s entire internet browsing history.

Senior Executive Officers in Fraud and Error Services at the DWP will be able to see a list of every website claimants have visited in the past year, although the details will not include the individual pages that claimants have visited on a particular website.

Considering the large amount of benefit claimants who regularly visit Same Difference, we find this idea a very scary one. Considering the amount of articles we publish which say unpleasant things about the DWP and its policies, we are more than a little bit relieved to see that individual pages will not be revealed to them!

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idea-store-whitechapelWhitechapel Idea Store

I was issued my first library card when I was four years old, in 1958, at what was then the Whitechapel Library, next to the west exit to Aldgate East Underground station.

Since those days, the original Whitechapel library has been closed down and was replaced with the Whitechapel Idea Store on Thursday 22nd September 2005, a supposedly ‘flag ship’ of Tower Hamlets library services. To me, this new building was a cold and impersonal box, run by it’s computers instead of people. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against change, just bad changes. I must be able to accept change, I am a blogger, after all.

Throughout all of these years, I can hardly remember a time when I have had to pay a fine for late return of the (what must be) thousands of items I…

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How many times have you been on the bus, hoping for a nice peaceful ride to your ultimate destimation, and it starts.

The bell which tells the driver that you would like to get off starts it’s one note musical solo.

“Stop ringing that f**king bell!”

Even as the doors are closing at the previous stop. the bell starts ringing as some impatient twat must always ring the bell before anyone else has a chance.

Now we all know that once the bell has been rung, the indicator boards around the bus show the ‘Bus Stopping’ sign. But even that isn’t enough, as within twenty seconds someone is bound to ring the blasted bell again.

And then the resident childus ignoramus has to have his go at ringing the bell. Then because he has, so must some other dickus kidus have a ring.

Then all of a sudden some wally who has had his head full of the music he has to share with everyone, (if they wanted to hear it or not, because his personal headphones aren’t working fully, because the music certainly isn’t personal to him) raises his head out of his telephone game, realises that this will be his stop, and rings that damn bell.

The bus stops, one dinging rabble debus making room for fresh one-note campanologists, and the whole routine starts again, and again, and again, for the whole journey. I really do feel sorry for the driver. It’s not surprising that some drivers have disconnected that bell!

When will TFL (Transport Favours Lug-oles) find a way to cancel out the bell after the first ring? It’s that simple!

Ding Ding!

“The bells, the bells, they deafen me!”

Why are Jews not’Radicalized’?

Why Are Jews Not ‘Radicalized?’

Note from Mr Bloggy: This article was published in Algemeiner on 12th September 2016. I felt the arguments were so well put that I have reproduced it on this site.

Israeli flags and Muslim minarets in Jerusalem's Old City. Photo: Dave Bender

According to the most popular and largely dominant theory of why Muslims become radicalized, the more they feel discriminated against, the more likely they are to engage in terrorism and join terrorist groups such as Islamic State.

This theory claims to be research based. It is only fitting, therefore, to examine why it is not equally applicable to Jews, including Jews who live in Israel. After all, Muslims are not a small minority in the world, with around 1.5 billion adherents of Islam, compared to the roughly 14 million Jews in the world. Outside their home countries, especially in Europe, Muslims often constitute very large minorities, whereas Jews constitute far smaller and much more vulnerable minorities that are often subject to alienation and racism from all sides, Muslim and non-Muslim.

Israel is itself in a minority: the only Jewish state in the world, located in a region of largely Muslim states, most of them hostile. The Muslim states often work as a pack — the Organization of Islamic Cooperation consists of 57 members, 56 of which are also members of the UN — to bully the small Jewish nation.

If we go by the theory, after the Holocaust the Jews should have terrorized their respective European countries endlessly, yet there are no Jewish terrorists. After having been singled out and discriminated against, demonized, dehumanized, humiliated, tortured in unimaginable ways, forced into ghettos, and transported to their gruesome deaths, the surviving Jews did not respond with hatred and killing sprees. They responded with untold resilience, a willingness to pick themselves up and rise from the ashes, and forged ahead despite the crimes that had been committed against them.

Jews today in Europe, and increasingly in the United States, especially on university campuses, experience anti-Semitism on a scale unseen since World War II. They face increasingly violent antisemitism, especially in France, and very real terror threats that have already cost several Jewish lives. However, it has not occurred to a single researcher to as much as mention the risks of “Judeophobia” leading to an increase of radicalization among European Jews or among young American Jews on campuses.

Israel is a chapter of its own. Since the 1967 Six-Day war, Israel has been at the receiving end of an unimaginable amount of international abuse, especially at the hands of the UN, where it has been repeatedly singled out for opprobrium simply because the Arab nations and their many allies in the UN possess the majority necessary to bully the Jewish state.

Most recently, this international bullying surfaced at the Rio Olympics, where the head of the Lebanese Olympic delegation blocked Israeli athletes from boarding a bus that the teams were supposed to share, and where Joud Fahmy of Saudi Arabia forfeited a first-round judo match to avoid facing Israel.

Not that this kind of Arab behavior is anything new: In June, Syrian boxer Ala Ghasoun refused to participate in an Olympic qualifying match against an Israeli contender, saying that to do so “would mean that I, as an athlete, and Syria, as a state, recognize the State of Israel.” Israel cannot compete in world football tournaments in Asia, but has to instead compete in Europe, since so many Arab states refuse to play against Israel. Yet no one speaks of “Judeophobia” at the Olympics. Imagine the outrage if the situation had been reversed and an Israeli athlete had refused to compete against a Muslim. What then?

So much discrimination, unique among the nations, and yet Israel somehow does not turn into a terrorist state. On the contrary, Israel is almost always a first responder when natural disasters strike, often offering help to those very states who bully it at every given opportunity. In addition, Israel spends most of its energy on innovations that benefit not only Israel but the world.

Similarly, the theory of radicalization does not apply to those Christians and others who are oppressed and under constant attack — frequently from Muslims — around the world. Tibetans have not turned into ax-wielding murderers because China has occupied their country for over half a century, nor have the Biafrans and other non-Muslim Nigerians who are ruthlessly murdered in Nigeria by government troops and Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists begun to bomb or hack to death their opponents in response.

That is because the theory is utterly false. If it had an iota of merit, we would see others reacting in the same way, given the same — and at times much worse — circumstances. They do not. Nevertheless, the theory persists.

Islamophobia and discrimination are not the source of Muslim radicalization and never were. If the West wants to battle Islamic terrorism successfully, it should internalize this, and fast.

This article was originally published by Israel Hayom.






Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster

It has always been seen as a shining example of democracy to the world, but I fear that the occupants of this democratic palace may bring the meaning of democracy itself to shame when faced with the result of the Brexit referendum.

The problem is quite a simple one really. The British people voted in support of Great Britain leaving the European Union. (Just the EU – not Europe!). This should have been a clear instruction to our Government. But what has happened?

Well we now come to the dilemma. Both of the Houses of Parliament (The House of Commons and the House of Lords) clearly have  majorities within their Houses who wish to stay within the EU.

Therefore, for Great Britain to actually leave the E.U., both of these august chambers must vote against their own wishes. Is this likely to happen? No. Why not? Because too many within these houses have ‘had their snouts in the E.U. trough’ for too long, and one way or another it is not in their personal interests to leave the trough which has rewarded them so well for so long.

So this is the dilemma. Even if the House of Commons is convinced that in order to stay in power, the Government must pass the motion for us to leave the E.U., they can be fairly certain that it’s companion body, the unelected House of Lords, would reject the motion, preventing Government from following the directive given by the public. Just as effective as if the House of Commons had rejected it themselves.

This creates a major precident. The whole Palace of Westminster will find any and every way to delay and stop this motion from ever becoming law.

They have already put into place as new Prime Minister an anti Brexit. The Prime Minister will know that she will have the support of both Houses to stop this motion becoming law. Regardless of who she places in her Cabinet, in key positions, the final outcome will be the same.

The Palace of Westminster is now in direct opposition to the wishes of the people of the nation. This has never before happened in the nation’s history.

So what is the likely outcome?

I believe we will see delay after delay, and every effort to have a second referendum. Then if there is a second referendum, the winners of the first referendum will insist in a third referendum, and so on. Having a second referendum will open the floodgates to eternal delays.

It may come about that the House of Commons approves the motion, and passes it to the next stage, the House Of Lords, who have no electorate to answer to, and who will surely kill the motion stone dead.

It could well be that, seeing the way things are going, the E.U. itself could collapse before we ever get any motion through the Palace of Westminster.

The only other outcome is unthinkable. Clear public outcry for a General Election, and this situation would give powerful ammunition for those who wish for the total disbandment of the House of Lords.

It is quite possible that the outcome of this motion could successfully finish what Guido (Guy) Fawkes started on 4th November 1605. The destruction of the current British democratic Governmental system.


The Gunpowder Plotters, 4th November 1605