Do you think the Lockdown is over?

On visiting a local park today,

I thought the lockdown was over.

I'm Sick 1

There was little evidence of anyone obeying the social distance rulings. Some tried but the sheer number of those wanting to sunbathe was too high.

There was no sign of anyone wearing a mask – except for me!

All of this must result in an increase in the number of people who will be tested positive for Covid 19 during the next few weeks.

For a while I thought that we were a nation united in the battle against this virus. Sadly a few thought that the need to sunbathe was greater than the health of those obeying the rules on social distancing.

One key reason for this behaviour was  the relaxing of the rules, thus implying that the risks of passing on or catching Covid 19 were neglible.

The other problem was that England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all seemed to giving different information and directions.

Come on everyone, just keep the nation safe. Help keep the lockdown for a few more weeks, in order to give medical researchers the time to make a safe inoculation and then give them time to produce sufficient amounts for distribution nationally.

Doctor Who and Coronavirus 1




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