I had once again decided to attend the annual ‘Together Against Antisemitism’ rally. Having to use my mobility scooter, I had hoped to ensure a view of what was happening by arriving over an hour early so I could check what facilities there were for the disabled.

As there is still no ramp (as I had pointed out last year), I was informed by the organisers that a particular area just beside the stage on the pavement had been allocated for the disabled, so I went where they indicated. That’s when the fun started.

As soon as I was in the correct position, able bodied people started moving in front of me, blocking my view. Even though stewards tried to move them aside time after time, as soon as they moved two people aside four took their place. The problem was simply that the only barrier to keep people back was a piece of white tape laid on the grass, not raised off of the grass, just placed on the ground, so in no time I was reduced to looking at other peoples backs, unable to see anything.

What made it worse was that although I couldn’t see anything, I didn’t get to hear much from the speakers as the PA system kept failing when the generator kept stopping!


This was the view from the allocated area for the disabled!

The problems went beyond my needs. There was nowhere to sit for the elderly and those using walking sticks or crutches.

Although expecting many more, there was just around a thousand in the audience. This was probably because every social media source gave different timings, so many people had no idea what time they should be where.

The cause of this rally was worthwhile, but the preperation skills of the organisers were abominable, and that destroyed the whole event.

For me to attend the next event, there will have to be some hell of a lot of improvements.

I would like to attend the next event, and I wholeheartedly support the cause, but I felt that everyone was together in the cause, except the disabled who were left to feel frustrated and pushed out.



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