In the heart of the East End of London is a cafe

which can teach the rest a lesson.

Inside the Hub Cafe in the east half of Victoria Park, East London

The Hub cafe in the east side of Victoria Park is the cafe I have long been looking for, and it is right on my doorstep (almost).

Those who follow my sites (specially this and my East-End Guard Dog) will know that I hate those cafes in a monopolistic situation that charge exorbitant prices  just because they can, and end out fleecing visitors.

At the Hub Cafe, you can still get a cup of what they call ‘Builders Tea’ for only £1. If you want a more fancy one, you can have that too. This is exactly what I have been suggesting to so many other places.

There is also a full range of childrens menus.

Now here is a lovely totally environmentally friendly place in a lovely park setting which even has a fair price scheme.

With plenty of both outdoor and indoor seating, it is also weatherproof.

The Hub Cafe is even fully wheelchair accessible. (You can see the edge of my mobility scooter in the photo above.) If it can take my monster of a mobility scooter, it can handle wheelchairs with ease, and they even have a dedicated wheelchair entrance around the side.

The people running it are friendly, professional and welcoming.

My one and only minor criticism is that tea doesn’t taste it’s best in cardboard cups. Some of you may think that  if they use china cups more, the prices may have to rise. Not necessarily. China cups are used over and over again, and are therefore more financially viable and more environmentally friendly for the same reason.

Pay them a visit when you are in the East End, and you could also try a chilled bottle of their Fentiman’s Ginger Beer. I have always loved the sharp tang of ginger beer, and this one was particularly good and well priced.

9 out of 10 on my must visit places register.

Keep it up, and don’t let anyone change you, Hub Cafe. Not even me.




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