Where have all of the seats gone?

Park Bench 1

Have you noticed that in my area (Bethnal Green) for some mysterious reason there has been a mysterious disappearance of seats or benches that the elderly, pregnant and disabled, when walking along Bethnal Green Market, depend on to take a rest.

There is not one public seating place in the whole market.

And while talking of seats, where have all of the public toilets gone to? There isn’t a single WC or urinal throughout the full length of the market!

WC Labelling 2

There used to be a pay-to-use automated WC located opposite the main branch of Tesco, but even this has been removed.

Bethnal Green 3-5-15 015

The loo that was.

Does Tower Hamlets Council really believe that all of the elderly, pregnant and disabled locals can keep on the go all day without a seat to sit on, and without a loo to use.

Even Iceland have removed the two chairs they had near the exit.

Bethnal Green 3-5-15 032

Iceland, can we have our chairs back. Pretty please.

McDonald's Logo 1

I feel sorry for places like McDonald’s, as they have to provide the toilet usage for the whole of the market, although their toilets are meant for customers only.

Bethnal Green 3-5-15 030

I don’t really think much about McDonald’s, but they do provide a toilet facility, which puts them above the local council.

I’m waiting for one of McDonald’s WC’s to be bunged up from overuse. If they’re not already. You never know, one might explode covering the occupant with detritis from the last dozen users.

Dirty Loo 1

Aaaarrrrggghhh! Exploding Loo’s.

So come on Tower Hamlets Council, how about our seats?

Or have you really gone back to the Middle Ages?

End of rant.








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