Paradise Gardens E2 1

Paradise Gardens, in Bethnal Green East London, has long been a carbunkel on it’s surroundings, for example: Bethnal Green Gardens, The Museum of Childhood, and it’s direct neighbour, the Bethnal Green Mission, (Not forgetting Balls Brothers Wine store.)

I think many people have forgotten what it was that made Paradise Row so famous, over 100 years ago. Do you remember the lyrics to “Mother Kelly’s Doorstep”? They went like this:

World War(WW1) One Song: On Mother Kellys Doorstep, lyrics and PDF

Yes, it’s surprising that a song written over 100 years ago should be so poignant today.
Many may have noticed that Paradise Gardens is currently being used as an access for builders working to replenish the Mission next door. What’s happened is that Tower Hamlets Council, (with their fame for neglecting grass and parklands) came to an agreement with the Mission, in that the park can be used as a loading/unloading area solely if they agree to renovate the park once they finish.
This means that they are compelled to go into consultation with the local community, and see how they would like to see this tiny piece of parkland changed, and improved. As usual with Tower Hamlets, even I would never have heard about this consultation had not one of my neighbours point it out to me.
The shutdown date for proposals is Monday 11th September 2017, less than two weeks time.
Personally I would like to see the railings around it’s border removed, and the current footpath changed into a curved flowerbed. But that’s only me.
If you would like to forward your suggestions, all you need to do is to post the Paradise Gardens Public Consultation Questionairre into the post box in the hoarding next to Curo Construction’s site entrance on Cambridge Heath Road by the close off date of 11th September. (A long winded way of ‘stick it into the builders posthole’)
Just in case any of you have problems getting hold of a copy of this questionairre…. I will include a scanned version of it below. Sorry it’s crooked, but we are dealing with Tower Hamlets Council, after all! (Sarcasm Overload!)
It would be nice if you also gave me an idea of your suggestions, and I’ll publish them here.
Paradise Gardens Questionairre 1_20170831_0001



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