There is a very strong rumour going around the local area that the elderly members who make regular use of the Bentworth Court Friendship Club may be thrown out in order to expand the Somali Day Centre, which has already taken over what was the Bentworth Court Day Centre, when the local users of the centre were ejected and sent for Day Care scattered all over the borough.

Bentworth Court Friendship Club 24-8-17 003

I honestly cannot believe that even this callous council can give these local elderly and disabled residents yet another kick in the arse.

The residents of Bentworth Court and the surrounding Granby Estate have seen so much in the downgrading of Bentwotth Court itself that it makes the eyes pop.

Bentworth Court was originally a block which was dedicated as a Warden Controlled Sheltered Accommodation. First they lost the resident warden, then, without any consultation with the residents, the building was reclassified as a block for the over 50’s, and now they don’t even enforce that.


The frontage of Bentworth Court

Whilst all this was going on, the blocks’ dedicated and very well used Granby Day Centre and Granby Estate Friendship Club also undertook changes. The biggest was when the users of the Granby Day Centre, mostly disabled, were banned from using their valued day centre, and were each allocated a different, more distant, Day Centre to attend. The day centre was then handed over as a Day Centre for the Somali Community.

Now the word is getting out that these elderly and vulnerable residents are to be moved out of the last part of the social area they have remaining, where they enjoy their Bingo,  estate meetings, and social events. The Council seem to have done everything they can to ensure that no extra activities could start up in the Friendship Club, giving themselves an excuse for it’s closure.

Bentworth Court Friendship Club 24-8-17 002

A welcoming door to locals at the Friendship Club.

Could the London Borough Of Tower Hamlets please confirm or deny the rumours that this valued local community will be turfed out, and once again be forced to pass their facilities to the Somali Community.

Please don’t take me wrong. I have nothing against the Somali community in the East End of London, but I do believe that a community centre which welcomes all cultures is much more value to the community as a whole than encouraging cultures to continue being isolated, leading to further disharmony in the area.

So, can the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, i.e. Cllr Biggs, or Tower Hamlets Council let us know exactly what the situation is. I will place a contact form at the bottom of this article so that you can easily contact me with a response, which I will add to this article.

Perhaps even the Mayor Of London, Cllr Sadiq Khan himself might take an interest!








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