The Chaos one person can cause.

Before continuing, I would like to send my condolences to the relatives and friends of those murdered and best wishes for a rapid recovery to those injured in the attack on Westminster on Friday.

The question I am asking is: What will happen now?

I don’t mean how will the investigation go on, but what are the long term consequences of what has happened?

One of the biggest problems facing our modern way of life has been a dependance to the more traditional methods of terrorism, i.e. Bombs and Gas attacks. On Friday we saw a new angle for terrorism – the lone attacker.

We were used to having notice of bomb attacks, giving the emergency services some time to clear the threatened area. This lone attacker gives no notice of his (or her) intentions.

Friday’s attack clearly showed how one person alone can cause carnage in their wake, produce a glut of publicity for their cause, and bring a massive area to a stand-still, with no-one having any inkling of what was about to happen.

With the old type of terrorist, they would need a whole team of support, making the attack more predictable and vulnerable to discovery by the security services. The single person attacker needs no special equipment what-so-ever.

My real dread now is that as a result of the impact that this incident had, and the glut of publicity it created, there will now be a speight of copy-cat attacks carried out by a string of individuals seeking quick attention to their cause or belief, or just individuals with psychological problems looking for a ‘quick way to end it all’ with an impact.

Sadly there is very little the police or security services can do to prevent this type of attack, without declaring a police state, which none of us want.

I am really hoping that my predictions prove wrong, but somehow I doubt it.

We live in an age of rapid impact in all forms of life. Some members of the public will do anything to draw attention to their cause or belief. They will now have seen how just one person can have so much impact on the daily life and movement of the public, that it will prove irresistable to them.

My prediction is for a sad future of single person pavement attacks with vehicles, and random individual attacks on the Police and public figures.

As I have said, I hope it never happens again, but there are a lot of crazies out there. Time alone will tell.





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