Yes I know – another blog about the way the House of Lords is crashing it’s way to their decision, but please read a bit further.

I have been flipping channels between the Lords Brexit debate and mainstream television for what feels like a lifetime now.

I keep hearing about the wisdom and capabilities of this august chamber, but I must ask, ‘When are we going to see some of it?’

I have been flabberghasted at how so many important people could be shown to be little more than bumbling, sleepy, out-of-date, antiquated dullards as this broadcast has shown so clearly.

It has always been argued that we need the ‘second chamber’ to counter poor decisions made in the ‘Other House’ (House of Commons), but this transmission has made me seriously question that now.

This debate is droning on and on, with the same opinions, comments and ideas coming out over and over again, from different Lords and Ladies, many of whom have been partaking of the E.U. trough for many years, and do not want to lose this little ‘perk’.

The biggest thing to be exposed throughout this debate is how their Lordships seem able to contribute to it whilst fast asleep. Or are they just ‘resting their eyes’ or ‘listening with their eyes closed’? Maybe they should just bring a sleeping bag with them, and have a mass sleepover.

We are seeing bumbling Lords and Ladies saying how they must agree with the wishes of the people following the vote from the  referendum. We are also seeing how others will hold their ground, search for any little legal nook or cranny and reject or delay Brexit with all of their might even if the vote were 99% towards leaving.

We have heard how industrialists know that leaving the E.U. would be the best thing for the nation, and industrialists who know that it is the worst thing possible for the nation.

We have seen financiers who swear that it would be the worst thing to happen, but then some think it will be the best thing in the world. But then again, it’s these financiers who seem to be making the greatest profits out of the E.U. trough, many with at least two trotters firmly placed.

There seems to be a constant back-slapping between the Lords and Ladies themselves, with constant head movements to every word spoken (when they are alert enough), whether in agreement or derision.

Surely there should come a time where someone could say that the only people to speak further in this debate should be those with comments or ideas not already voiced. This would at least show some common sense, and prevent the time-wasting which so many Lords and Ladies claim to wish so clearly to avoid, but are actually causing.

All this having been said, there is a serious point to be made here. Many of those Lords and Ladies who publicly now say that they will support Brexit and the wishes of the people, have previously been shown to be firmly entrenched in the Remain camp. There is therefore a very real chance that the vote could go as the House really believes, against the motion and support the Remain camp.

Where would this leave us?

A second vote? Unlikely.

The most instant and likely response would be the unthinkable, the British People could rise up and rebel, possibly insisting for the disbandment of the expensive, un-elected, out-of-date, and un-necessary House of Lords. This is more likely, specially after this recent demonstration of mass sleeping in the House during a major debate, and in these times of financial stringency.

I personally would not like to see revolt of any kind, but if a body of doddering  self-opinionated, self-appointed dullards go against the wishes of the people, it is, sadly, a possibility.



Anyway, as the next few days pass,

we will see how things go.



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