DWP To Have Access To Claimants’ Internet History

Is Big Brother really coming, or is it already here?
This article tells us that the DWP will have access to know every website you have visited.
Imagine that.
They can follow my sites as much as they like, but some sites I just go on to do research for articles would also appear on this list even though I may not support that site’s opinions and/or contents.
Therefore this strikes me as a scarey prospect.
Could they say that as I can blog, I can get a job? (answer: not necessarily. I can blog when feeling able to – physically, and at my own pace, which is not within a working hours capability)
There must be many more questions to ask.
If this action is approved, not only could it result in false results, it would have disasterous consequences for many disabled people.
People do not support a site just by visiting it.
Beware – Big Brother Is Watching You!

Mr Bloggy.

Same Difference

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The Investigatory Powers Bill, which is about to become law with virtually no opposition from MPs, gives a huge range of agencies, including the DWP, the right to see an individual’s entire internet browsing history.

Senior Executive Officers in Fraud and Error Services at the DWP will be able to see a list of every website claimants have visited in the past year, although the details will not include the individual pages that claimants have visited on a particular website.

Considering the large amount of benefit claimants who regularly visit Same Difference, we find this idea a very scary one. Considering the amount of articles we publish which say unpleasant things about the DWP and its policies, we are more than a little bit relieved to see that individual pages will not be revealed to them!

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