The programme tried to obstruct the ‘out’ party argument – but failed!

It was interesting to see how the Political bias came into effect in the ‘big debate’ featuring Farage and Cameron last night.
Firstly, Farage was made to go on first, which gave Cameron the advantage of countering the arguments of the out party, clearly demonstrated when Cameron often said “as Mr Farage said”, but not allowing Farage the same opportunity.
Whilst Nigel Farage was trying to answer questions, on every question he was loudly and blatantly interupted, stopping him from answering properly. It was made very clear that not only were the questions pre-selected, but so were the questioners selected for their vitriolic attitudes.
When it came to Cameron, he had very soft questions, from quiet peaceful older white questioners, and was hardly interupted at all, giving him a clear run.
I was led to believe, right up until just before the programme, that this was going to be the big head-to head between Farage and Cameron. Instead, it turned out to be another media stitch up.
If I were a floating voter, and had the slightest common sense, after this programme, I would vote out as this performance clearly showed how the media are scared of the simple arguments of the out parties, that they had to stitch them up so much.


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