Operation Rosario – The real story (Part 3)

The real story of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands and the efforts of the defending \royal Marines.

Making History

Quick Recap

At this stage I think it might be an idea just to bring us back on track with this three-part post by way of a quick recap. Essentially the premise set out in Part 1 was the idea that significant evidence exists, which indicates that Argentina has covered up and dramatically altered the history of a great deal of Operation “Rosario” and chiefly that this is borne out by the casualty count. Already we have seen some interesting anomalies – the idea that Vice-Admiral Busser’s men did everything possible to minimise the casualties of the Royal Marines has been challenged by the strafing of Moody Brook barracks. One Amtrack amphibious vehicle has been seen to go missing during the initial Argentine landing, with no explanation offered for its disappearance and finally one more vehicle with 3 crew members and 20 soldiers on board which all evidence suggests was blown up…

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