Can you think of any reason for market traders not to clearly display the correct price for goods?

Traditional markets of the East-End

Traditional markets of the East-End

There is only one, that they wish to vary the price to match the customer. This is bringing the practice of haggling into daily use on the markets in the East End of London, effectively converting them into the ‘flea markets’ seen in the third world.

I approached a trader during my recent search for a winter jacket. Looking at one I liked, I asked the price. £35 he quickly said. He could see that I was dubious over the price, so he said. ‘I will let you have it for £30.’

As I started to walk away he said ‘OK you can have it for £20’ I walked away.

So the real asking price was £20, but the trader tried to charge me an additional 75%.

This practice, used in many cheap markets around the world, is still against the law in this country. Knowingly overcharging their customers to these levels is called fraud.

I am fed up with the increase in the number of traders now removing prices in local markets, and it is time that Trading Standards stepped in and put a stop to this overcharging fraud. There must be millions of pounds in additional profit made from this practice, ignored by the officials from the local Council, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The other thing to remember is that this practice gives local markets a bad reputation world-wide as my local markets are widely visited by tourists.

If we want to be able to make our trading practices clear, then the time has come to crack down on these fraudulent traders, and start displaying real prices on items again.

Let the new slogan be:

“No Price, No Sale.”

If the price is not displayed anywhere, then don’t buy from there, and let them know why.

If enough people start telling traders why they are not getting your money, by saying “Sorry but no price, no sale”, they’ll soon learn to display prices once they realise that it affects their profits.

Look – Not a price in sight.



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