Why you should not use Argos at the moment.

London's East End Guard Dog


Today, the so-called ‘Black Friday’, seemed to be one step too many for Argos’ support and delivery services.

Let me give you one example.

I purchased an item on Wednesday, with the agreed delivery slot of Friday between 10am and 1pm.

On the Friday (the Black one) I waited in for my item to be delivered. One o’clock came and went, so I called the number on my receipt. I was initially impressed by the voice recognition system which correctly identified my directions, and got the order number correct first time.

I was put through to a customer service operator. On telling her of my problem, she asked me to hold on a moment as her computer was running slow. Once she had the information she needed, she asked me to hold on while she checked with the store concerned. On her return, she informed me…

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